The Distributed Computer

Developer Resources

The Distributed Computer is a powerful, easy-to-use computing platform. Whatever your experience, these resources will help you start deploying projects on a global supercomputer like no other.

The Distributed Computer is built for JavaScript workloads

Program A Supercomputer Like Your Laptop

The Distributed Computer is a web-based framework for parallel computing projects. It was built to power science, innovation, and new ideas that require massive computing power.

The technology behind the Distributed Computer hides all the complexity of computing resources. The same code will run anywhere, so you can combine dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different machines. From laptop clusters to data centres, anyone is now just a few lines of code from an instant supercomputer.

For Developers

Our Compute API enables you to write once, and run everywhere

For Research

Explore problem spaces faster and without dedicated hardware

For Business

Harness distributed computing to solve complex business problems

First Developers Program

We are providing early access to a limited number of developers before the full platform is released. Be one of the first in the world to build on DCP with our First Developers release. By joining First Devs, you will receive:

  • Exclusive beta access to the Distributed Computer
  • Win cash prizes through coding challenges
  • Get priority support and a line to communicate with the core devs

Whether you want to build apps in AI, Big Data, Life Sciences, Physics, or one of a thousand other fields, we're excited to have you join us to revolutionize computing.

Built On Web Technology

The Distributed Computer is standards-based and future-proof.

It is lightweight and simple in form, built on top of standards that share a similar philosophy.

JavaScript is the universal language of the web, and the Distributed Computer uses it to make the same code run on any device, OS, or network. It also has the largest and youngest development community in the world, making it the obvious choice for a new distributed computing network.

WebAssembly allows developers to benefit from the convenience and performance of both high- and low-level languages. WebAssembly is already a compile target for many languages other than JavaScript, making the Distributed Computer highly compatible with them in the future.

The Distributed Computer integrates WebGL 2.0 and WebGPU for rendering and general-purpose (GPGPU) computing tasks. This allows it to accelerate tasks like machine learning cheaply and efficiently. Users can even cloud-burst to access hundreds or thousands of GPUs on-demand.

How It Works

DCP lets you create or use large clusters of computing devices without managing any of the backend processes. All projects are routed to the right CPU or GPU by algorithms that abstract away the difficult parts. The three most important components are:

The Client which lets you easily deploy jobs with a few lines of code

The Scheduler which manages the flow of jobs and results

The Workers, which are computers that complete jobs individually or together

About Us

Distributed Compute Labs is a Canadian educational nonprofit organization responsible for developing the future of distributed computing. We are on a mission to accelerate science, discovery, and innovation by making abundant computing power available and accessible for all.

If you are an enterprise with large computing projects looking to significantly improve OpEx and flexibility, our strategic partners at Kings Distributed Systems Ltd. are there to help.

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